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Trust Putin, the Greens or yourself for power?

EU Referendum reports on the short-sighted reliance we are developing on whirly gigs and solar power as we shun nuclear power:

I was talking to a power supply engineer the other day, and asked him whether it was worth getting a back-up generator to protect against the possibility of power cuts. The answer was a most emphatic "yes", and he is by no means the only one who has given that answer.

And in other news today:
Russians turn off Europe's oil supply

Europe’s oil supplies from Russia were being held to ransom last night as the Kremlin fell into bitter dispute with a former Soviet satellite state.
Moscow abruptly halted millions of barrels of oil destined for the EU via Belarus in an increasingly hostile wrangle with its neighbour.
The move raised further questions over whether Western Europe can trust Mr Putin for its energy supply...

I think I owe an apology to a new house builder whose wisdom I queried as he had a generator built into his house....


It is a concern but where is the fuel for the generator going to come from assuming it isnt a short term power cut?

I have a large Belkin UPS(Uninteruptible Power Supply) which was only 100 odd quid connecting all my expensive electricals.

I think everyone with a computer should have one. A laptop main advantage is that it's a PC with a built in UPS.

I think in the short/medium term we are looking at brown outs and regular short cuts. For this a diesel genny might be best due to the easier (long term) storage of fuel.
Later I think maybe we need to think a bit deeper, solid fuel CHP systems perhaps.

I agree that the early problem is likely to be phased domestic outages lasting for 6 to 8 hours at a time.
As the owner of an oil-based central heating system, what I'm looking for is a battery-backed facility to maintain power to the boiler, pump and zoned motorized valves. Ideally, this needs to be on constant trickle charge and to provide automatic, no-break standby, without being linked to the rest of the house circuits.
Does anyone know of a UK supplier of a suitable, single unit, electronic charger/controller/inverter, and one which would provide the necessary isolation of the heating circuits from the others?

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