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My Betty Grable number is three

Iain Dale's Diary: The Not the Florence Nightingale Award
Danny Finkelstein has a really interesting competition HERE. He wants to know the best person you can think of who has shaken the hand of someone you have shaken hands with.
Of course, if Danny was writing for The Sun and not The Times the competition would be of a rather different nature... So I want to know the best person you can think of who has ******* someone you have *******.

I'm ahead of him - here is a blog post from a few years ago..
An Englishman's Castle: Betty Grable

It brings a fond memory of "The Doc" telling a story down the King's Arms. He was on a welcoming committee in India when Harry James and his Orchestra came out to play for the troops. They were all a bit in awe of this Legend and the top brass were there to do courtesies. Harry James came down the steps, stuck his hand out; "Guys, how would you like to shake the hand, that holds the cock, that goes up Betty Grable?"


"how would you like to shake the hand... ?"

Whilst wearing a glove. Thanks.

I will get back to you in due course!

Truely, truely, there is nothing like a gentleman and truely, truely Harry James was nothing like a gentleman.

Ronald Reagan

Some decades back, I encountered a person who thought it worth mentioning that the VD clinic had informed him that he had a Janis Joplin number of five.

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