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Haka response

Telegraph | News | Women's topless haka stunt offends Maori

a topless haka performed by a British women's rugby team has been criticised as offensive by Maori in New Zealand.

The team, from Canterbury, Kent, were smeared with mud and wearing only shorts when they were photographed leaping into the air

Ah diddums the girlies have upset some lecturer at the "School of Maori Studies" . Bet he wouldn't be brave enough to tell it to their faces...

Of course the proper British response to the Haka is " Front row "kneel and load", second row "fire", third row "cock"...."

UPDATE: Here's the picture...

And for more Haka nonsense - Fran Cotton - "look at those big poofs dancing" and the correct British Army Drill see - http://www.anenglishmanscastle.com/archives/002117.html



I was hoping for a picture!

I prefer two ranks rather than three, both ranks firing simultaneously by sections.

My kind of girls!

Were they offended because the girls did not have both hands properly overhead? If so, I agree.

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