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Free Movement of Criminals

Neil Herron asks:

"Dear Tony ... under our EU treaty obligations, signed and agreed to without the consent of the British people, citizens from the other 26 Member States of the EU are allowed 'free movement' within the EU to reside, work and travel.
If you cannot manage the simple task (where you are actually supplied the information of convictions) of alerting the Police when a Briton has been convicted abroad then how on earth can you monitor people with criminal convictions from other EU Member States ... who travel, live and work here? This quite unbelievable state of affairs makes a mockery of our Sex Offenders Register."

- Remember, there are no requirements for any EU national to do anything other than show a Passport or ID Card when he comes into this country. Do you expect a convicted sex offender from another EU country to voluntarily place themselves on the Register?


Welcome to Britain, sir. Now are you a terrorist, carrying any illegal substances, are you a paedophile or a convicted rapist?

Well, I'm a paedophile actually.

Well, once again, welcome, sir - now move right along please. There's quite a queue behind you.

You have it all summed up. The EU doesn't work on so many levels.

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