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Religious Quotas at Work

(Times) The force formerly known as the Royal Ulster Constabulary has been inundated by applications from young Poles desperate to become officers. And the wave of hopeful candidates brings with it interesting implications for a service required to recruit half of its new officers from a reluctant Roman Catholic community.

Nearly 1,000 of the Province’s burgeoning Polish community have responded to a police recruitment drive — and they are nearly all Catholics. Poles accounted for 12 per cent of the 7,749 applicants, which could provide a lifeline for a force that has struggled to attract Catholic recruits.

Under the policing reforms, the PSNI must recruit Catholics and non-Catholics equally, a restriction strongly disliked by Unionists because it leads to the rejection of able and willing Protestant candidates.

So a newly arrived immigrant with English as a second language will automatically be preferred over a local guy, all in the name of creating a force representative of the community....


The Poles probably won't be considered catholic. They will be included in the non-catholic quota.


Given the reason why there were so few catholic coppers (i.e. catholic coppers of an earlier generation were murdered until the rest resigned), the Poles might like to think again.

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