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Telegraph shows Milliband how to get the answer he wants.

Telegraph | News | 4x4s to be priced off the road

Blah blah, climate change, taxes, etc..

But the Telegraph has a cunning idea of running an online poll to see what the readers think:


Can you guess the result?


Sort of appropriate type of question for these repressive governmental measures - straight from the North Korean Book of Democracy. As the Telegraph says;

"Mr Dimas said that Gu(with umlaut)nter Verheugen, (ck) the anti-red-tape German Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry accepted that regulation was now inevitable if Europe was to meet its commitments on tackling climate change."

Maybe the subs are still at the pub....


Off topic, I know, but given your interest in things Wiltshire, I thought you may be interested in this over at David Copperfield's site:


Read it and weep.

Oh just wonderful another piece of popular pandering to the masses in order to take their attention off what is really going on.

MP's "Global warming oh that'll be because of all of those rich fox hunting country planet killers in their 4X4's however we can do something about by raising taxes on green issues!"

Servile masses and media "4X4's are bad for the environment"

Completely missing the point about a shambolic Government raising taxes seemingly by public approval.

4X4's are not all gas guzzling cars as they are claimed to be by the media. On the whole they have the same or better MPG statistics than most family sized or larger cars. 4X4's tend to do less miles and be better looked after. They cost the environment less in the earth to earth cycle than the so called clean prius which tops that particular chart. I wish the press would stop wading in on 4X4's and concentrate of Government failings or why thousands of pensioners freeze to death every winter or are without some kind of needed care

That's a very cool idea. Think I'll use it for our next poll.

1. People are idiots.

2. A 4x4 parked in a garage produces no emissions

3. A low-carbon econobox sitting in traffic on the school run produces emissions

4. If you want to discourage CO2 emission in the name of the environment, you need to tax things that are actually proportional to CO2 emissions. In the case of cars, that thing is petrol or diesel.

5. These environmental taxes should be applied equally to all sources of CO2, otherwise you won't get the most efficient reduction in emissions. Yes, that means an environmental tax on red diesel. Emissions don't mystically stop happening just because they're being used to do somehting "useful".

6. You have to tax electricity generators for the emissions they make, at the same rate.

7. Yes, taxing fuel means that poor people won't travel as much. That is the point of such taxation - you are trying to prevent people travelling as much, and a bit of extra tax isn't going to prevent the hated rich from driving their gas-guzzling jaguars around.

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