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Pikey? Me?

Thanks t the several readers who have pointed me to The Policeman's Blog and the funny comments regarding Gypsies etc in Wiltshire - but I'm a bit worried when I read these undesirables can be recognised thus:

.. Scrap and the odd shotgun.. Dogs roam untethered, ..animal waste litters the floor ( Well that sounds like every Wiltshire farmyard)
In relation to their physical description, the men are often stocky to large, hard features, ruddy complexion, wax jackets, moleskin pants, dealer boots, always a Jap 4wd to hand, a Shogun or similar, often difficult to get to the bottom of their identity .. (Ummm)


I could do with getting my drive done, can you pop up and give me a quote?

We have to have a gypsy come in our local who always carried a salt pot and pepper pot in the top pocket of his jacket so that if he came across anything dead and edible on his travels he'd be in a position to eat it. The pub's cat used to disappear every time he walked in.

Im looking for some imflammable Polish sofas , a Henry Moore sculpture and a lurcher, cash.
Up for it?

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