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Prescription - more of the same.

NHS will 'run out of funds for best drugs'

Patients face much tougher rationing of treatments and restricted access to breakthrough drugs if the Government does not rethink its plans for health spending, the NHS’s treatment regulator has told The Times.

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, the head of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), cited treatments ranging from new life-saving drugs to free food for the elderly in nursing homes as examples of care that could suffer if ministers slowed the rate of spending, as expected.

Other services that could be cut included the provision of gluten-free food for sufferers of coeliac disease, and antibiotics for children with sore throats or earache.

Describing the funding emergency as the “elephant in the room” for politicians, Professor Rawlins said that most accepted privately that a failure to continue to increase spending would have a direct impact on patient care. The achievement of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in bringing the share of national income spent on health up to 9.3 per cent, in line with the European average, would not be enough, he told The Times in an interview. “I don’t think we can keep it at 9.3 per cent. It’s going to have to increase, unquestionably.”

Quick keep shovelling the money in - one day it will work....won't it?


NICE = National Institute for Cost Effectiveness.

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