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Beyond Satire

Alerted by this:
somethingfishy: I've had enough of Cameron's bloody nonsense.

The latest bloody nonsense about fat licences/trading which I saw over on DK was the final straw;

I followed it through DK to the BBC:

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories ponder fatty food permits

Firms could buy and sell permits to make alcoholic drinks or fatty foods under plans being put to Tory leaders.

The system would work along the same lines as carbon trading schemes aimed at tackling pollution.

The proposal, put forward at a Conservative summit on social responsibility, comes from an advisory group set up by leader David Cameron.

The advisers say companies that act responsibly could be rewarded by having less government regulation....

Mr Cameron told the conference such ideas contrasted with Gordon brown's "state-control".

Mr Cameron said: "The idea of some sort of trading system for social bads as opposed to environmental bads is also something we are looking at.

"I think that's much more difficult, it's still at quite a conceptual stage, but clearly emissions trading is working very well at putting a price on carbon, and reducing carbon emissions.

"So, the argument goes, well why not try and do this with some of the social bads as well as the environmental bads?"

What the feck are they smoking? Why wasn't the wonk who dreamt this up kicked twice round Smith Square and then impaled on the railings? The fact the Dave even floats this idea shows him to be a twat of the first water. Where's that UKIP membership application form?


"emissions trading is working very well" - Bollocks! EU-ETS is in terminal decline. If it gets any worst they won't even be able to give carbon credits away.
Whatever he is smoking it must be very good.

Come over to the purple side my friend, the water's lovely.

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