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Handbags - Call that a fight?

Bloggerheads (UK) - Guido Fawkes (aka Paul Staines) : The Plonker has been stirring up the three dozen people who take blogs seriously. On one side we have invocations of the blogger code of honour, "when I used the Usenet and every one knew how to double declutch", it's just not on and anyhow how can you afford to run a blog on a free service if you aren't in the pay of someone; on the other side you have someone who thinks it all stinks and can afford the time to say so, and have a lot of fun doing so.
You can guess whose attitude I prefer.

Remind me do people still argue over the correct etiquette for CB radios...


10.4 buddy. Breaker, breaker. We got a brand new convoy, across the USA.


That said this Bloggerheads fellow is one of the "laugh and point" comic figures of the blogosphere: the one time gleeful Blair mayo chugger who "lost the faith" with the Iraq war.

Don't you Fawkers *ever* get tired of the misrepresentation gambit?

Don't you Fawkers *ever* get tired

Hey, I managed to read your great screed against Guido - wah, he's more succesful than me, look I'm serious and he's not, it's so not fair - and didn't tire so much as lose the will to live.

Broke my arms, broke my legs, see you later on 27 megs.

Or was it the other way round?

"Don't you Fawkers *ever* get tired of the misrepresentation gambit?"

Ah, the old 'If you aren't totally with me, you are against me or in the pay of my enemy!' argument. Sheesh...

Couldn't be that Guido's site is quite fun, not serious, treated as such by visitors like me who wonder what all the fuss is about from the so-called 'serious' side, could it...?

I've seen the comments made on Bloggerheads and a bigger load of tedious, jealous self-regarding wank I've yet to see, short of reading a behind-the-scenes account of the Tony 'n' Gord feud...


There you go again.

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