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Carteret Islands - prepare to be bored of them

I have just caught this:ITV News - Evacuations over islanders' ocean threat Watch the Video link
The Carteret Islands are being flooded because of global warming - sharks swim over their vegetable plots, malaria is spreading and judging by the video of the news reporter standing in water up to his waist on "the old main path" the ocean must have risen by about 30 inches.

It's bollocks of course, even the most ardent global warming campaigner doesn't believe the water has risen that much; the islands are sinking, whether because of tectonic plate movements or the fishermen's habit of dynamiting the coral reefs I don't know. But why let facts get in the way of a good story of poor islanders being evicted from their idyllic home because of 4x4 drivers?

For an aerial view: Google Earth kml file


I'd never heard of the place so plonked into Google Earth to find out where it was. Chuffing Heck. Out there the plates and volcanoes are all over the place no wonder a lump of coral barely poking through the waves notices a bit of up and down.

that is the most ridiculous post ever. You only have to listen to what they are saying to understand how frightened these people are. Selfish git

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