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Gardening With W W Greener

(First posted in Jan 07)

With spring in the air it is time to think about bringing on those delicate plants from the greenhouse ready to be planted out later. The garden here doesn't have a cold frame, but I do have an old glass lidded freezer.


A quick undercoat so it is ready to be camouflaged, trying to prevent it being an eyesore.


But how to make the drainage holes it needs? Only one answer isn't there. Take it outside and stand it up and bring out with the Greener 12 Bore...


All going well until I had a visitor who seemed to be taking a close interest in what I was doing...


UPDATE: The cold frame is now installed in the wood.


And the plants planted..


I wonder if Geoff has any seedlings I could have.....


We have had two days of continuous rain, which is unheard of here in this part of the world. Just in time to rescue many gardens in this dry part of the world. Water restrictions appear to be the wave of the future. Some parts of Australia have bans on any garden watering. Glad to see the first signs of spring in the colder part of the world.


I am curious why you have not commented on the kidnapping of the fifteen British sailors and marines. Does it have any significance to an English land baron? Do you have an opinion?

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