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Snakes and Ladders.

New safety rule for firefighters: stay off that ladder

Firefighters on Humberside have been told by their employers that it is dangerous for them to go up ladders.

Given that going up ladders to rescue people from blazing buildings is what firefighters do for a living, the news has been greeted with more than a spark of incredulity by the individuals who man the fire service for Hull and its surrounding area.

But it is not sending up extending ladders on the back of fire engines to deal with towering infernos that is causing concern. It is climbing mere stepladders to install smoke alarms in people’s homes, a popular prevention measure offered free by the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service. ...

Sean Starbuck, regional chairman of the FBU, said: “The use of stepladders to fit smoke alarms contravenes working-at-height regulations, which were introduced by the Government. We have raised the issue and the Health and Safety Executive has agreed that a review is needed.”

Poor old Bella, who will come to save her in Pontypandy now that Fireman Sam is confined to the station filling in risk assessment forms?

(I've got a stepladder, it's alright but I miss my real ladder sometimes...)


We will all be confined to bed as soon as we are born, never to be released to that scary place the world. We will be fed a diet of sugar pulp, forced to watch info tv and live a vegetative state until our bodies give up from lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Living is just too dangerous.

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