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An English Parliament - No. 10 replies

You recently signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to
"Grant The English People A Referendum On Whether They Wish To Have An English Parliament."

The Prime Minister's Office has responded to that petition and
you can view it here: Eng-Parliament - epetition reply


Notice the countries are referred to as "components" in order to down play the national character of England.

What a bunch of dickheads, they use English, England, and the UK interchangeably - talking out both sides of the mouth at once.

My translation (http://www.di2.nu/200701/18a.htm ):
If the English get a parliament of their own they'll stop funding the celtic fringe and won't vore for me or my ZANU labour buddies. As it is, it is only by the grace of the solid number of North British labour MPs that this government hasn't already hit serious problems and by god we're not stupid enough to make it worse, especially when its only too clear that "bringing people in England closer to the decision making process" would result in a boatload of our freeloading pals being chucked out on their ears without a pension.

"As the population of England accounts for 84 per cent of the UK population, this would mean that an English Parliament would only be slightly smaller than the current UK Parliament."

Isn't this one of the exact reasons we want our own parliament? 84% of the Uk population yes, 84% represented in the UK parliament? It's not even close.

Utter bullsh1t but we should be used to doublle speak from liars, sorry lawyers and so called public servants!

Here in the USA, we would recognize such an announcement as embodying an affirmative action policy. The "different starting point" of the English is that they are a majority. Therefore to achieve the desired equality of all to all, they must be discriminated against. In the imagery of Vonnegut's classic story "Harrison Bergeron," they must wear handicaps. The result is Taxation With Diminished Representation, almost a cause for rebellion. Here various parties seek similar effects of vote dilution by promoting voter fraud, child suffrage, felon suffrage, incompetent suffrage, and legal and illegal immigration of desirable voters.

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