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Immigration rules

Iain Dale's Diary: I Want to be an MP to Fight for People Like This...

If you've got a blog, please link to this story as it illustrates perfectly what's wrong with our country's immigration system. Mark Coleman is a white Zimbabwean national. He came to this country two years ago to escape Mugabe's terror regime. He's now being threatened with deportation. He doesn't qualify to stay under the Grand Parentage rule because both his Grandparents, although British subjects, were born in India rather than on British soil. The fact that his Grandfather fought for Britain during the war and was put in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp is by the by. The Home Office say they will deport him if he doesn't leave voluntarily. They say he is in no danger, yet he knows he is.


Yes, I saw this and thought it appalling. I'll link soon.

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