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News from a Third World Country

Telegraph | Comment | The joke's on us

Many British people attribute Ireland's growth to EU subsidies, yet this is almost the precise opposite of the truth. While Ireland was, until recently, a substantial net recipient of EU funding, these grants went into the least productive sectors of the economy, notably agriculture. The EU has contributed nothing to the areas where Ireland has grown most impressively, such as software and financial services. On the contrary, Brussels has complained about the tax cuts that were the basis of Ireland's success.

The hard truth is that, while Britain has been raising its taxes faster than any other industrialised nation, Ireland has gone in the opposite direction. In consequence, for the first time since the partition of the United Kingdom in 1921, Ireland has overtaken its neighbour. As the Americans say, go figure.

Telegraph | News | Defence spending is lowest since the 1930s

Britain spends less of its wealth on defence than Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey despite the constant demands placed on its Armed Forces, official figures show.

Telegraph | News | Care home elderly go hungry, says minister

Pensioners are being left hungry and undernourished in care homes and hospitals, a Government minister has admitted.

Ivan Lewis, the parliamentary under secretary of state for care services, said some elderly people were given only "a single scoop of mashed potato" for lunch while others were forced to eat with plastic cutlery.

Bedridden patients suffered the "torture" of not being able to reach trays of food.

So we are being taxed so heavily it is dragging the economy down, the money isn't being spent on defence, and the money being splurged on "Health" still leaves patients being treated worse than a Sandringham Fox.


We have been here before during the 1970s when we of course last had a delusional Labour government.

Has anyone on that side of the pond has heard of the Laffer Curve?

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