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Cultural Awareness

Telegraph | News | 'Bomb the travellers' gaffe spurs camp visits

Senior councillors were sent for cultural awareness training after another councillor made a remark about suicide bombing a travellers' site...

"Cabinet members have taken part in cultural awareness training and a tour of traveller sites.

"Councillors have attended two SCDC-run successful workshops on traveller issues – the last one included presentations by travellers."

Councillors now have an adequate supply of "lucky" white heather and have all agreed to have their drives resurfaced. The council hopes to recover the two minibuses used to visit the travellers' site and apologises to the councillors for them having to walk home, they will be reimbursed for new shoes. Councillor Throbnob is making good progress from the dog bites and hopes to leave hospital soon.


"cultural awareness training"

Is there anything more sinister sounding than this? Welcome to North Korea

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