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Adopting the politically correct position

Roman Catholic adoption agencies would be given up to a year to prepare for a law barring discrimination against gay couples under a compromise being considered in Whitehall.

The Times understands that a delayed transition, proposed by the gay rights group Stonewall, would be accepted by supporters of the law to give agencies time to prepare themselves.

“If they wanted a six or twelve-month introduction period to prepare for the regulations, that would be a reasonable compromise,” (The Times)

So Stonewall seem to be running the process now and quite reasonably expects The Church to abandon a few thousand year's traditions and its teachings. Anyone who objects is obviously an unreasonable bigot.

I have been trying to find out what the other agencies think. For instance: The Muslim Fostering Society reminds us that:

"The Holy Messenger Muhammed (PBUH), himself was an orphan at birth. He was adopted as an orphan and placed in the foster care of his wet nurse Halimah who nurtured him with tender care and love, more than she displayed towards her own children. In the light of this historical fact, Muslims are no strangers to the concept of adoption and foster care. In fact, they have before them lofty examples of thesepractices right from the life of the Holy Messenger himself.

Having been brought up as an orphan himself, placed the Holy Messenger in a position where he was able naturally and instinctively identify with the plight of orphan children more than others. His teachings are therefore replete with the teachings and directives towards the orphan, of treating them with utmost kindness and compassion. The list of such teachings is lengthy... but do they allow Janet and Janet or John and John to adopt?


They are not "gay" they are homosexual, and some of them are downright miserable!

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