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Fat Chance

Junkfood Science: The Great Cholesterol Con

Have we been conned about cholesterol?

...So how can I say saturated fat doesn't matter when everyone knows it is a killer? Could all those millions who have been putting skinless chicken and one per cent fat yoghurts into their trolleys really have been wasting their time? The experts are so busy urging you to consume less fat and more statins that you are never warned about the contradictions and lack of evidence behind the cholesterol con. In fact, what many major studies show is that as far as protecting your heart goes, cutting back on saturated fats makes no difference and, in fact, is more likely to do harm....

I'm off for Breakfast, I think an extra slice of fried bread is in order!


Mine's a bacon sanwich.

Esbonio, I've had one already but another wouldn't go amiss

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