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To the Youths of England - You Will Be British!

BBC NEWS | Education | Schools 'must teach Britishness'

Schools in England should teach "core British values" alongside cultural diversity, a report will say.

Note it is only schools in England, and they mustn't teach "Englishness" but "Britishness". So that is Cecil Rhodes out the window then..

"Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life."


My daughter pushed her sister out of the way to get to the bathroom sink. I told her off and she replied "Does this make me a bad resident of this country?" - they had been getting citizen classes at school.

Being brought up abroad on a military base I was very conscious of being British above everything else. My Britishness easily subsumed my secondary Anglo-Welsh identity and in reality my Englishness suffused or segued into my Britishness. But even as a child I felt (my) Britishness was constantly and deliberately being undermined by liberals, the left, and the nationalists. (It took me longer to realise the threat from Europe). There were a few occasions when like a setting sun Britain and/or what it meant to be British were highlighted. One of those was during Falklands War. I have not felt British for a very long time.

The report is by Sir K Ajegbo, that must be a northern British name, not many Ajegbos down these parts. I can't find any in early British census returns,one mentioned in 1975 phone book, that's the earliest I can find on Ancestry.com. Good that someone steeped in British culture is not allowed anywhere near the subject of Britishness.

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