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Unauthorised Access to Kennet District Council's Website

Kennet Council Parking Pages

Unauthorised Access

You have accessed this site in an unauthorised manner

All such attempts are monitored and investigated by the Council

Please do not use this method of access again

Oh get her! I really mustn't click that link again must I....


I felt like I'd just been caught by my Mum trying to get the sweets down from the top of the kitchen cupboard! Unauthorised acces indeed!

Gawd, you'd think they were the ones blimmin well paying you, instead of the other way round.

Copy and paste that message, with a couple of edits, for next time they come to ask for your council tax.

"You have accessed this address in an unauthorised manner

All such attempts are monitored and investigated by the Householder

Please do not dare use this method of access again"

Should see 'em off....

Writing as a website administrator who manages exactly this sort of technology for a living, I have to point out that that Kennet leave their entire list of databases (including personal mailboxes listed on http://www.kennet.gov.uk/Catalog.nsf. This is an absolute proof of their inability to run a whelk stall. It is absolute normal standard practice to lock down this list so that casual observers (and more active hackers) do not gain additional information about databases, their locations and who can access them. A person with a devious mind and a good knowledge of "social hacking" could probably get into this system within an hour. Their administrator either needs additional training, or a boot up the bum, according to your political persuasion...

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