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John Read's BOGOF offer

Telegraph | News | Reid on the rack as new crises hit Home Office

The Home Secretary was confronted with the consequences of his prison policies when a sex offender escaped custody because the jails are full.

He also had to contend with a new study showing that 25 convicted murderers had killed again after leaving jail.

On top of that, crime figures published yesterday recorded a big rise in muggings carried out at gunpoint and more armed burglaries.

Mr Reid's biggest embarrassment came when a judge in Wales made clear he was following his advice to send fewer people to jail......

Looks like it is a good week to go and commit a few of those crimes you have been waiting years to do, in supermarket parlance it is BOGOF week, "burgle one, get off free" or even in the case of kiddie fiddlers "bugger one, get off free!"


Looks like the judges are aiming to make a point!

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