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Tell Kennet where to stick their wind turbine

UPDATE on this story:
An Englishman's Castle: Kennet District Council throws our money to the wind again.

Kennet District Council is considering a proposal to install solar panels and a small wind turbine at the Browfort offices in order to generate renewable electricity for use on site.
The total cost of the investment in fitting photovoltaic solar panels is in the region of £100,000 and this will lead to the generation of about 18,000 kilowatts of electricity a year (sic).
The council wants residents' views on the matter.

The form to tell them your thoughts is online


If Wind and solar is too expensive in your opinion, perhaps they should be looking into geothermal energy instead?

Any government body that does not understand energy units is not to be trusted to spend our money. Such schemes are unlikely to be cost-effective. For an excellent primer on "alternative" energy systems and their costs, see:


Why have they not thought about using all the hot air produced by Council debates? From my recollections, that would be enough to power most of Wiltshire for decades to come.

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