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Healthy food list to take with a pinch of salt

Telegraph | News | Watchdog calls for boycott on salty foods

Shoppers should boycott processed foods that still contain "unnecessary" amounts of salt, a campaign watchdog group is urging.

Some of Tesco's and Sainsbury's own brands are among 10 products identified by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash), a health pressure group which claims they have almost as much salt as sea water.

The banned list

Ah ha I thought a handy list of foods still with real flavour, but apart from the crumpets, which need salted butter on them anyway nothing there that I would even feed to the dog - Tesco "Stayfresh" bread - what else is in that? And the healthy alternative is "Sainsbury's Stay Fresher for Longer Wholemeal Bread"? Sorry not for me...


Hardly surprising. I've tasted your home-made bread...

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