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euro mach frei

Telegraph | News | Mixed-up emotions 'bad for the euro'

European Union officials yesterday blamed "mixed up" people for letting emotions get in the way of a proper appreciation of the euro.

The remark came in response to a new FT-Harris poll which shows that most of the eurozone's citizens would like to have their old, comfortable national currencies back.

Feelings are particularly strong in Germany, the present holder of the EU's rotating presidency and Europe's largest economy.

Two thirds of Germans now prefer the Deutschmark to the euro and more than half believe that the European single currency has damaged their country's economy.

But the European Commission insists that ordinary people are simply failing to grasp the benefits of the single currency.

It's all our fault, maybe we should all be sent to a re-education camp where we can learn the joys of the euro, sing happy songs and salute the flag...

Or else maybe that is why the Germans seem so keen on alternative regional currencies -

The German Regionetzwerk (regional network) is a working group of independent initiatives, projects, and running programs for complementary regional currencies. The purpose of a regional currency is to stimulate regional economic activity, foster stronger relationships between people and businesses within the same region, and support the social, cultural, and environmental regional development in spite of global competition. The German regions active in the network usually have a strong feeling of regional belonging together and are centered around one to three larger and leading cities or agglomerations for a specific region.


I remember going to a pub in North West Wales where everything was still denominated in pounds shilling and pence. It was very refreshing. I think countries are mad to give up their own currency. It is one area where the individuality of a country is marked. Next up EU Stamps. What will little kids do for a stamp collection with bland euro stamps?

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