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The Full Stop on Climate Arguments

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Warming 'very likely' human-made

Speaking in Nairobi, United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) executive director Achim Steiner told reporters the findings should be "the full stop behind any arguments over what was causing global warming".

Climatic changes seen around the world are "very likely" to have a human cause, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will conclude.

By "very likely", the IPCC means greater than 90% probability.

This is a stronger position than the global organisation took in its last major report in 2001.

IPCC scientists have yet to finalise other elements - including forecasts of sea level rise - in their report due to be published on Friday.

Experts have been divided on whether to go with a conservative forecast in the order of half a metre increase over the coming century, based on computer models which exclude the melting of icecaps, or whether to include estimates of how much water the Greenland and West Antarctic sheets are likely to contribute.

The exact wording on projections of global temperature increase have also yet to be finalised, though the agency is likely to say that by the end of the century temperatures will rise by between about 2C and about 4.5C.

So no more arguments will be allowed, what will they do about those pesky deniers who keep bringing up inconvenient facts?


The "Alarmists" are not happy. No more tipping point. No more "10 years to save the planet". No more catastrophic flooding. No more consensus.

The IPCC AR5 in 2012 should make interesting reading.

Hmm, "Achim Steiner"? Nigerian I think not. Still, he got bags of airmiles.

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