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Blogwars - part two

Bloggerheads (UK) - Dear Party Animals and Village Vermin... bite me

The only thing worse than a piss-weak joke is a badly-judged one... witness the disaster that is Village Vermin....

I'm going to say it again:...Those of you who know what I've been up to these past few years will know that I helped make a lot of firsts happen in political blogging, and I am still doing things right now that won't be done on a widespread basis for at least a few years. Call me self-important if you like, but I've learned quite a few things in the process; stuff that even most 'experts' don't know about the long-term political use of weblogs....

..people take this blogging thing seriously. That goes for political blogs as well as personal blogs because... well, people who are involved in such things tend to take politics rather seriously, too. Duh.

For a start, look at this blogroll (see right)...

I mean just look at it!
It looks like it was drafted in a hurry by someone who talked to someone who once read a thing or two about political weblogs in a pamphlet by Carol Vorderman.
Some of the sites have individual worth - (author waves to Wibbler)....

This is laziness at work.
This is stupidity at work.
This is ignorance at work.
This is arrogance at work....

Nurse - the medication isn't working, we will have to double the dose, or wait for the producers to realise how important he is and put him on the blogroll...


Lol, straight in at No 2 eh?

Not bad. There's goes your credibility....

A transparently cheap shot. Please go back to your books and try again... or maybe attend class once in a while:


Blimey heck as like. I didn't know and an adult could be so whiney and annoying. And why does he keep refering to his alter ego in the third person? He'd have been wedgie fodder at our school. These days it'd be called bullying, back then it would have been just cause.

A wasted shot. Try again.

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