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All your history are belong to EU

EU plans far-reaching 'genocide denial' law | International News | News | Telegraph

People who question the official history of recent conflicts in Africa and the Balkans could be jailed for up to three years for "genocide denial", under proposed EU legislation.

And after they have outlawed questioning the official EU history of Genocides, then will it become a crime to question the EU history of say the glorious EU and its benefits?

On a narrow level to think that an "official" history should be law on old events is stupid, constant re-interpretation happens, but for recent events it is just madness.

Deborah Lipstadt, the professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University, Atlanta, believes the German proposals are misplaced. "I adhere to that pesky little thing called free speech and I am very concerned when governments restrict it," she said yesterday.

"How will we determine precisely what is denial? Will history be decided by historians or in a courtroom?"


Shouldn't that be:
"All your history are belong to us"


TE -
Thanks - now corrected...

There never has been much of a liberal tradition on the Continent. Just another good reason to leave the EU while we still can.

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