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Traitor's Memorial

somethingfishy: brings us news that the Sir Edward Heath Foundation want to make a museum of his former home as a memorial to the man. Haddock suggests in his own inimical style what the traitor's memorial should be.
I have taken advantage of Salisbury District Council's kind offer that comments regarding the planning application may be left on the site;
Any comments that you make will be forwarded to the application case officer and will be taken into account when a decision is made. Please note that any comments you submit will be treated as a public document and will be open to public viewing on the application file and, in due course, on this website.

My comment:
The proposed design is missing the essential element needed to properly remind us of Sir Edward's contribution to his country - a spike above the door to display his traitorous head.

I'm sure you can be more inventive..

And the planning application even has photos of the palatial edifice they are applying for...

Seriously - that is it!


Don't be so cruel - he is Dave's role model.

I would suggest a prominent notice board, where a suitably illuminated copy of the page from the London Gazette should be displayed, in which Her Majesty's decision to revoke the traitor's Garter is formally announced.

You're kidding; that's really a picture of the proposed museum?

I'm sorry, on this side of the Atlantic we don't always get your humor (Humour?). I'll have to look up in my History of the Empire and Commonwealth to refresh my memory of who Heath was and what he did.

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