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Climate Scientists Amazed - "The Moon Controls Tides"

Antarctic ice streams controlled by the Moon... The Rut-ford ice stream is a river of ice larger than the Netherlands, which drains the West Antarctic ice sheet. Scientists recently discovered a bizarre behaviour in this ice stream — it speeds up and slows down by as much as 20 per cent every two weeks.

This regular rhythm coincides with the fortnightly tidal cycle of the sea, when the gravitational pulls of the Moon and the Sun are either working together in large spring tides, or working against each other, in small neap tides.

The British Antarctic Survey glaciologist, Hilmar Gudmundsson, was amazed at these findings. “We’ve never seen anything like this before. The discovery that the spring-neap tidal cycle exerts such a strong influence on an ice stream tens of kilometres away is a total surprise. For such a large mass of ice to respond to ocean tides like this illustrates how sensitively the Antarctic ice sheet reacts to environmental changes.”

Ummm not necessarily, just because the oceans slosh about with huge force twice a day doesn't mean that they are, still I'm sure 4x4 drivers are to blame in some way...


Has anyone asked how the scientists got there to do their study? Plane, Boat and some kind of all terrain vehicle? Possibly even a 4x4?

This is one of the most ridiculous blog postings I've ever seen.

You misrepresent the Scientist's profession - He's a glaciologist, not a "Climate Scientist"

You misprepresent what the Scientist said - you say that he was amazed that "The Moon Controls Tides", when, in fact, the article says that he was amazed that the tides control the ice-flow.

Then you sum up with some kind of global warming quip, when the article makes no mention or links to global warming.

You seem to have a set out to make a point about global warming, realised that the Scientist isn't a climatologist (so change it) and then realised that he hasn't said anything silly (so changed what he said).

You're an idiot

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