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Des Res, Two Bed, One Mugging

Violence still plagues area after £290m rejuvenation

A spokeswoman for Southwark Council said yesterday that the regeneration had “absolutely worked. It’s changed. Peckham now is a different place to what it was ten years ago.”

Andrews & Robertson estate agents were offering a house in Blakes Road, where Damilola died, claiming: “The district has been the subject of extensive regeneration and is now quite a desirable place to reside.” Yet the Home Office still considers Southwark a high-crime and high youth-crime area. The crime rate has been rising since 2000, driven by increases in crimes of violence against the person committed by youths and children.

Violent crime in the borough has risen from 10,000 incidents in 2000 to 2001, to 12,500 in 2005 to 2006, even though huge sums of money have been thrown at the problem.

Some social workers say that they are not surprised, arguing that new homes have failed to address or remove the underlying problems.

“My kids sum it up well: nice new houses but the same old s**t happening inside them,”

So who do we trust to tell the truth, the council who love spending money on "regeneration" and the Estate Agents, or the kids who live there? Not a hard choice is it. How ever much of our money the experts throw at these problem estates there are some problems that fancy new libraries won't solve. As they say down here, you can't polish a turd.


It is little to do with the council and everything to do with family values gone to hell.

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