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Blair's 5th House - how does he afford it?

Relocation, relocation: Tony and Cherie buy fifth property | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics

The new property, their fifth, is a two-bedroom house with two floors above ground and a basement currently serving as office space.

They also own two flats in Bristol, where their son Euan attended university, which they bought in 2002. The prime minister also has his constituency home in County Durham, Myrobella, which he bought when he became an MP in 1983.

It is thought the latest purchase will take the Blairs' mortgage repayments to up to 」20,000 a month. They owe about £4m on their other properties, taking their new mortgage debt closer to £5m, after adding stamp duty at 4%.

The latest acquisition is a Georgian mews house which once served as a stable block for the Connaught Square property. It is likely to be used as a base for Mr Blair's security staff...

So Cherie has pulled the same trick again, - why two flats in Bristol? Because the Rozzers, who we pay to protect them, had to rent one to provide security, why the Mews behind the big house? Because we will pay the mortgage on it, by renting it for the goons from the people they are protecting. With such an assured source of rental income it moves their purchases out of the common people's mortgage problems into their own special world of finance. And of course as long as he remains popular to the United States they will have the deep joy of his lectures to quickly clear the overdraft once he departs these shores.


Mm, that explains why they didn't put the Bristol flats into the boy's name to avoid Capital Gains Tax, but why are they hanging on to them now?

Oh, so they've been taking lessons from Bill and Hilary on "How to Become Millionaires Overnight." They've been doing this for years.

Very simple, set up business (Matrix) get husband to bring in legislation (Human Rights Act). Bingo bonanza for lawyers


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