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Gordon's Turkeys Not Being Culled

Brown's £20bn efficiency drive in doubt | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Gordon Brown's drive to slash Whitehall budgets by more than £20 billion was thrown into doubt today as the official spending watchdog challenged the veracity of three quarters of the savings claimed so far.
Gordon Brown had promised to cut more than 70,000 civil service jobs
In a damning report, the National Audit Office (NAO) said that billions of pounds of savings trumpeted by ministers may be "substantially wrong".

Surprised? You mean you hadn't noticed the incredible shrinking state, bureaucrats out on the streets flogging the Big Issue, taxes coming down, red tape being shredded? No, I had missed the signs of genuine cuts as well....


"substantially wrong"

That would be NAO-speak for "whopping great porkies" would it?

His Haggisness wouldn't know a turkey if he want to Thanksgiving Dinner.

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