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Teachers Buggered With Four Inches

Schools turn 1m children away | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Schools were accused of being over-cautious yesterday as more than a million children were forced to stay at home when 4in of snow paralysed the education system.

In many cases, pupils were able to travel in but were turned away amid claims that staff from further afield could not make the journey.

Other head teachers blamed icy conditions for making playgrounds unsafe, while some insisted that school buses could not get through. Parents' groups accused teachers of "over-reacting" and said the scale of the closures had a huge knock-on effect, as thousands of parents were forced to take the day off work.

And you thought I was joking yesterday when I said four inches of snow would bring Britain to a halt. (I must admit the eldest Englishette was late to school, but that was because we went sledging on the hills before breakfast....)


Utter, utter useless wankers.
Schools get closed at the drop of a hat these days, when I was a nipper I can only remember school being closed once when the boilers went off in the winter of discontent.

Assuming comic Yorkshire accent: "You was lucky, Lurch. Durin' t'winter o' discontinent us 'ad to sit in t'chemistry lab a dozen to a bunsen burner".

On a more serious note: I've just returned from Lappland and can state quite categorically that normal life (including the education of Lappettes) continues despite approximately 1m of snow and temperatures consistently below -20.

Methinks that some teachers were taking the piss and scoring themselves a day off. But then I'm a nasty, cynical bastard who is currently wondering if my aircon unit can be turned down even further.

Comparisons with Lapland aren't particularly relevant though: they've invested in the infrastructure to deal with -20 degree winters and many feet of snow, because otherwise their society would fall apart.

We haven't made this investment, because it's cheaper to have a day off every 10 years or so than to make everything deep-snow-proof on the off-chance. Tim has similar thoughts.

I'd hardly call 4 inches deep-snow. As for investment, I thought most county councils had gritting trucks. Bolting basic snow ploughs on the front of a few ordinary tipper trucks is hardly the sort of expenditure that would make Greasy Gordon break into a sweat either.

Nah. I suspect the problem lies in the fact that a great many people either see any slightly unuasual weather as a chance to skyve or they loose their heads completely and imagine the end of the world is nigh.

The keeness to close schools might have been to do with the proximity of half term, might it not?

Can't have kids playing in icey conditions. They might fall over and learn that ice is slippy. Then they wouldn't have a terrible car crash when they're grown up and become another statistic used to justify the introduction of more speed cameras.

bloody teachers are taking the piss....they moan at kids for bunking but when it snows they all suddenly live on a hill! they should not be paid, they can walk to a station if they cant drive in. I bet if they didn't get paid miraculously they'd manage the journey! They owe it to the children to not only set an example but also to do what they are paid for TEACH, they have enough holidays as it is (i'm married to a deputy head so your arguments about needing time to prepare for lessons are rubbish!)

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