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Sometimes "an eye for an eye" seems only right and proper

22 years for daughter's torturers | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Appalling failures in the child protection system were exposed yesterday as a couple were jailed for "scalping and kicking like a football" their four-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy. The case had echoes of the Victoria Climbie tragedy, with a judge expressing "anxieties" about social services.

Samuel Duncan, 26, was sentenced to 10ス years and Kimberley Harte, 23, to 11½ years, after "revolting abuse" in which boiling liquid was poured over the child's hands, her hair was ripped out, she was repeatedly kicked in the groin and forced to sleep naked in a locked lavatory.

This came weeks after she was returned from foster care to the couple by Westminster social services last year.

No social workers have been disciplined despite the fact that the family was visited or contacted 20 times, Westminster council confirmed.

Judge Paul Worsley, QC, attacked social services failings, in particular the near-fatal decision to return the girl to her parents against the wishes of her foster carers.

The parents, who showed no remorse, tortured a "loving and affectionate" child....The girl's "agony" ended only when her horrified grandmother discovered what was going on and called the police.

The headline suggested that the bastards got 22 years, I hadn't realised it was shared between them, what with good behaviour etc. they will be out well before the kid is in her teens; unless some cons take it upon themselves to meet out some justice, they would have a blue print to work from...


The thing that really pisses me off about these cases is that nobody from social 'services' ever EVER gets the punishment they merit. Does anyone remember the bogus Cleveland satanic abuse scandal? As I recall, the vile doctor at the heart of that affair, Marietta Higgs, got a slap on the wrist whereas in truth she merited at least twenty years behind bars. People lost their children: even after the allegations were shown to be false, in some cases it was decided that it was 'in the child's best interests' not to return them to their parents. The depth of arrogance and wickedness this episode showed bureaucrats to be capable of was a formative point in my conversion from a conservative to a libertarian.

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