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Who wants to ba a Millionaire - I do!

I have blogged before about the unreliableness of visitor numbers to websites (trust me I made a lot of money from them back in the boom years). So it only has a close approximation to the truth, in fact think of it as a Gordon Brownesque estimate, but the odometer to the right is about to click up a million - probably early Monday. If you are the lucky punter who captures the magic moment, and emails me a screen shot then a big wet kissy prize is promised.
The fact that anyone bothers to visit, and even more amazingly return, is a constant source of wonder and solace to me. So I would like to thank you all, each and everyone of you.......


This is one of the most drily witty places in the British blogosphere. If I were limited to five sites per day (I am limiting myself to 15 to reclaim time lost to other uses), yours would be one. Keep up the good work.

Its a pleasure.

God, I'm so competitive - I'll be coming back every hour now to keep an eye on it. But perhaps I'll pass on the wet sloppy thing unless it's a fresh wild salmon. Or a calf's liver.

Now time to check that budgie-seed plantation I put in a couple of years ago. It's been crap for pheasants, but always seems to be full of 'swampies' ....

I agree with Tom Paine. A cup of tea and a view of this site is an excellent way to start the day.

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