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Blogwars Part Five Hundred and Three

Bloggerheads and other assorted bloggers have reopened hostilities against our favourite bog-trotting left-footer Guy Fawkes, calling him all sorts of names; something we would never stoop to here.

I must have missed the post where Guido claimed to be the reincarnation of Mother Theresa out of Erskine May, but flawed or not he is power for good in the augean task he has set himself. As to the other bloggers involved I will admit not to knowing their form as I can't be arsed to read their effluvia. But I gather that it revolves around whether "Indian" Guido consorted or not with the BNP back in the 80's, or was he fighting them? Will he roll-over and have his tummy tickled by the Tories when they win? Is there a conspiracy to ridicule the "Tory" attack blogs, by whom and why now? If you care about questions such as these follow the links and maybe, just maybe, you ought to get out more...

Of course if Ireland hadn't been robbed in the last couple of minutes I might be feeling less generous....


Before blogging came about I was completely oblivous to all these strange niche political groups and the weirdos within them. Reading the Harry's Place thread on this today is like peering into another world entirely. And not one I'd want to visit either - infact I'd quite like to revert to blissful ignorance. Most odd the lot of them.

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