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Miliblinker on how the EU will save us

Now it must be bold Labour, not old Labour-David Miliband-TimesOnline

Climate change is, according to Sir Nicholas Stern, the greatest ever market failure, but the answer is not to replace markets. Instead, we need to price pollution into markets and extend market mechanisms so that they work more effectively. If we are to uncover the most efficient carbon reductions, the long-term aim must be for carbon trading to cover the vast majority of the UK economy, with a price on pollution enforced through markets, taxation and regulation.

Climate change also requires a much deeper commitment to EU and international action....By regulating across Europe — for example, setting a date when all new power stations are carbon neutral, or driving up car emission standards — we can move to a low-carbon economy without suffering competitive disadvantages from acting alone.

Does he understand anything about markets and international trade, or is he so in love with the EU he believes this guff?


Through careless reading, at first I thought it was you writing this but then your disclaimer at the end made it all clear.

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