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Model Answer

MPs may hold inquiry into 'size zero' models | Uk News | News | Telegraph

MPs are considering launching their own inquiry and Peter Luff, chairman of the cross-party trade and industry select committee, said MPs were concerned whether the industry was being "socially responsible".

If the committee goes ahead with the inquiry, fashion chiefs could be summoned to give evidence at a televised hearing of the committee.

"I would like to know if young women are being set the right example and whether the industry can be trusted to get its house in order without government intervention," Mr Luff said.

The "caring" voice of Big Brother" who can't leave anything alone! Have they really not got anything better to do than look at pictures of models all day?


If only they would look at pictures of models all day they might cause fewer problems.

I agree with you in the sense the buggers interfere too much, but given the fact fiddling seems to be in their genes I'd rather they fiddled with models than other, more important, things.

It's not like wrecking the fashion industry is going to bring the nation to its knees or anything.

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