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Teenage kicks and The Blair Legacy

Teenagers run from arms of Labour, but not to the Tories-Comment-Columnists-TimesOnline

Tony Blair and the Iraq war may have alienated them, but they are not ready to turn to David Cameron. That is the central conclusion of a Populus poll of 16 to 19-year-olds, those who will be able to vote for the first time at an election in 2008-09.....

This group is also highly sceptical about the Blair/Brown approach to taxation and public services. More than three fifths agree that “taxes in Britain are too high and should be cut even if this means less money is available for some areas of government spending”. Just a quarter disagree. This finding is at one level surprising, since most of this group do not pay direct taxes and have been at least the intended beneficiaries of the increased spending on education.

89% do not believe Labour is honest and principled.

In other news "Britain’s children are the unhappiest in the West, according to a Unicef study of 21 industrialised countries.

Not only do they drink the most, smoke more and have more sex than their peers, they rate their health as the poorest, dislike school more and are among the least satisfied with life. Their relative poverty, the lack of time spent eating meals with their parents and mistrust of classmates mean that Britain languishes at the bottom of the wellbeing league table."

I'm not quite sure why drinking more and having sex more makes the the unhappiest but whatever - it is a depressing picture, and they have seen through the Government's lies. Now for them to do something about it.


I'm sad to say I won't be voting this coming election. I do have a deep desire to excercise what little political power I have, but I refuse to legitimise the charade that passes for politics in the UK by voting for someone who does not represents me. There is simply no political party or individual candidate out there that does represent me.

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