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Where Racism Really Flourishes

Opera expert says Puccini's Butterfly is 'racist' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

"An authentic production [of the opera] is a racist production. It has a lot of ideas within it that would be seen in any other circumstances as racist. It is not just a question of the words, it also Puccini's music."

Ooooh "Racist Music",is that too many white notes? Whatever, it is obviously far more important than this report which doesn't use the R word once...

Caste system still blighting India | Uk News | News | Telegraph

More than 50 years after caste discrimination was outlawed in India, millions of "untouchable" low-caste Hindus remain subject to daily petty humiliations, police violence, rape and even murder, a major new report claimed yesterday.

Research published last year from surveys in 565 Indian villages showed that in 80 per cent of them old practices of untouchability endure and are "profoundly affecting" the psyches of Dalit residents.

It said that Dalit children were forced to sit in segregated sections in village schools while their parents were denied a range of basic rights, including access to water, the right to stage marriage processions and entry to polling booths.

The age-old practice of devadasi or temple prostitution - where a pre-pubescent Dalit girl is married to a deity for the "use" of upper caste villagers - also remains widespread. Indian government efforts to abolish the practice had been "largely unsuccessful", the report added.

In the most serious cases the day-to-day discrimination can take the form of extreme violence, with Dalits being attacked, raped and murdered for protesting against upper caste excesses.


And this is the country trying to take the moral high ground over the Good Ship Jade Goody and all who sail in her.

This is the country trying to play the high moral ground related to The Good Ship Jade Goody and all who sail in her. Is that hypocrisy?

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