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Your NHS money at work

Trust criticised over legal bill

SUSSEX An NHS trust that gave a former public health director a payoff of £243,000 after working less than three weeks also paid lawyers £12,000 for advice on how to manage the case.

Sussex Downs Primary Care Trust revealed that it made the payments to Capsticks Solicitors, of London. The legal advice concerned the treatment of Iheadi Onwukwe, 41, who was appointed in September 2002. He worked briefly for Eastbourne Downs Primary Care Trust, which later merged with Sussex Downs Primary Care Trust, and was reported to have been paid a salary for almost three years while on “gardening leave” before leaving his post.
(He) was also paid £325,000 while he was signed off work on 'gardening leave' before leaving the Trust in May 2005.

Gina Brocklehurst, former chief executive of the trust, received £230,000 to leave as part of the reorganisation. It is believed she left the Trust because of a board merger - but then moved to another six-figure salaried job elsewhere in the NHS.

Last year East Sussex Hospitals Trust, which runs both the DGH and the Conquest hospitals, (tried) to keep quiet about a £231,000 pay-off to former chief executive Annette Sergeant.

Not a total waste of money, as far as I can see Dr Iheadi Onwukwe managed to send out a Press Release about children and second hand smoke while he was working, whether he did anything else I don't know.


We can do worse than that, our local hospital is 40 million in debt, sacked the usless prat who mis-managed the mess and gave him half a million handshake???????????????

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