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Mary Ann Sieghart - I hope you break a leg

Dear Mr Martin, please toe the line
Mary Ann Sieghart

A short news item made me laugh this week. Buster Martin, a 100-year-old man, has sought private treatment after being told that he would have to wait up to three months for an NHS operation on an ingrowing toenail. Mr Martin, “a lifelong NHS supporter”, plans to complain to his MP. Up to three months? For an ingrowing toenail? Listen, Mr Martin, you may be very old, but surely you can remember the time, not so long ago, when people were waiting up to 18 months for a heart operation and often died before they had a chance to be treated? I’m sorry, but “up to” three months for an ingrowing toenail sounds like progress to me.

Made me laugh? The condescending cow - giggle at a poor old man in pain, lets kick his stick out and have a real guffaw as he falls over! Buster Martin is still working so I bet he is a tough old bird and doesn't complain much but to have to "only" wait three month in agony, you have had an ingrowing toenail haven't you Mary Ann?, is a cause of celebration and mirth. Thanks to nuLabour our wonderful NHS is getting even more wonderful. Of course in the US physicians are encouraged to do this sort of thing in their offices.
It is a fucking disgrace he has to wait and even worse for some stupid overpaid commentator to think it all a bit of a joke. I bet she gets paid more for writing this crap than it would cost to treat Mr Martin's toe privately, if she had any decency her cheque would be on the way.

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Well said. What a bitch. She's a 'commentator' in a national paper and yet she picks up on this little story just to poke fun at an old man? Not only stupid and overpaid but nasty too.

Come on, guys, the toffy nosed bitch has a point, if old people aren't going to jump in their graves early to help El Gordo out of a little deficit problem, the very least they can do is suffer excruciating agony in silence, anyone would think they'd bloody paid for their pensions and health care the way they carry on.

Mary-Ann Bighead is a national carbuncle. The woman's unctuous brand of self-righteous pseudo-intellectual snobbery is emetic at the best of times, but this one really takes the cake.

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