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Fat Fighters: We Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Marks & Spencer, one of Britain's largest grocery store chains, announced its plan to hire 1,500 food police to patrol supermarket aisles and lecture shoppers on the contents of their carts. Reminiscent of grade-school Hall Pass Monitors, these health food patrols will donofficial Healthy Eating Adviser badges while harassing customers about the fat, sugar, and salt levels of their purchases.
Not to be outdone, retail competitor Sainsbury's has launched its own set of gastro guards to walk the beat. And the store donated 」3 million ($5.9 million) to MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do It!), a government sponsored program that trains "food advisors" and deploys them at stores and classrooms. With more patrols, police, and monitors filtering into every aspect of life, the United Kingdom's big brother looks increasingly like a vice squad.
The English city of Bolton is a prime example. The city's director of public health admitted to the town's local paper that "just providing information on healthy lifestyles is not enough." Instead, officials rely on strong-arming citizens through community initiatives. So Bolton health and education officials have teamed up to deploy squads of fat fighters and surveillance teams to local schools. Taking from the workload of local bullies, these groups will actually pull kids out of class for mandatory weigh-ins.

Hattip D Ambler - Comment unnecessary.


Beyond belief.

Will they be wearing jack boots? And stun guns?

Just recently the city of New York outlawed certains types of fats used as a cokking ingedient in restaurants. I thought that was beyond compare, that is until I read your post about the so called Food Police. It would not be too long into a spiel from one of these jokers that I could imagine one of them being beaten to a bloody pulp by someone who needed his fix of chocolate chip cookies and whole milk.

This reflects the absolutely incredible amount of time that the ultra leftist/liberal side of the British people have on their hands because they would rather demean themselves, and their countrymen, than fight the terrorists within their own borders. It is much the same here in the USA. Heavens help us because the people who think up these absurd ideas surely will not.

All the best,
Glenn B

Great! Food police wandering down the aisles shouting "Fat cow, fat cow". Does anyone want to bet that these sanctimonious bastards will ban people from their stores for suggesting to an SS (Slim Supporter) Guard that they should go forth and multiply and mind their own bloody business?

If Marks & Spencer disapproves of sugary/fatty food, why do they carry it in stock?

1500 people whose sole purpose is to go around deliberately annoying shoppers? I spot two problems here:

Firstly, M&S are reputedly not doing so well, businesswise. Deliberately insulting your customers doesn't strike me as the best strategy to rectify that situation.

And secondly, crime, especially violent crime, is reportedly on the increase. Surely setting up 1500 targets literally begging to be given a damned good spanking isn't a good way to reduce that problem either.

Go back to the small shops that specialized.I
know, some what inconvenient, but they're too
small a business to be carrying on with food
Who will be policing the food police to make
sure they ach tung their heels each time they
affront a customer?
Get some nice pepe le peux to wear when shopping,
that should encourage them to chip on another
customer while you're purchasing your fatty
foods. :)

I'm tempted to go to M&S, fill a basket with smoked salmon and full-fat cheese and wait to be challenged. I shall then hand the basket to the stormtrooper and inform him that I will take my custom elsewhere.

Is it April 1 yet. Unbelievable. Are they in the business of making money?

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