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Thanks are due

Genes offer excuse for beer fear | The Register

Geneticists are shedding light on why some people can't handle their beer, or rather may eschew a noble chalice of foaming chestnut ale in favour of a less challenging sweeter beverage.

Big thanks to a couple of people I failed to sack in a previous life for taking me out tonight in Mr FM's absence (he is on the piste). Much enjoyed and I hope the Ginger Beer doesn't keep you up all night, (as we say down the old East End).


You're welcome.

As for eschewing a pint, could I remind you that you didn't walk home (in your too small, twee chelsea boots).

Please be nice to the "emergency rations" (the cat).

A pleasant evening was had, sorry we had to leave early....but next time!!

A Bargain them small Chelsea boots!!

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