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A load of huff for very little puff

Having spent £13,000 on installing a wind turbine at his home, John Large is disappointed at the return on his investment, which amounts to 9p a week.

At this rate, it is calculated, it will take 2,768 years for the electricity generated by the turbine to pay for itself, by which time he will be past caring about global warming.

The wind turbine was installed at the engineer’s home in Woolwich, southeast London, four weeks ago and has so far generated four kilowatts of electricity. An average household needs 23kw every day to power its lights and appliances. (The Times)

I wonder how long it will take him for the turbine, its manufacturing, installing and maintenance, to become "carbon neutral".
Has Tory Boy got his whirly gig installed yet as an example of his prudence and foresight?


The unit you are talking about is the kilowatt hour. Kilowatt hour is a measure of energy; kilowatt is a measure of power, which is the rate of flow of energy.

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The government itself published a 'league table' of payback periods for various carbon-saving measures recently.

At the top of the table, with a six-month payback period, was a jacket for a hot water cylinder. At the bottom of the table, with a payback of 90 years, was double glazing.

Wind turbines weren't too bad, with payback in about 10 years. Except if boaters experience (who have been using these to charge batteries for ages) is anything to go by, they only last three or four years.

Photo-voltaic panels, those other metropolitan must-haves, will take about 45 years to get you your money back.

Our new boiler is out of an old Soviet submarine. It's amazing what you can find in Murmansk.

Stick another isotope on't fire Mother.

Some of these green gadgets require subsidies to get the payback time within a lifetime. I recently bought a C grade freezer because the A grade would not pay back the green premium price before it wore out. The shop assistant was aware of this as I challenged him with my calculations. I read an article that was surprised that more than 90% of people switching energy suppliers did not choose the green option, which was priced the same. It seems that once financially careless people, who do not look for a better deal, are filtered out, the overwhelming majority are sceptical of greenism. Perhaps they just reject the green label, assuming the cost to be greater.

The man did it to get laid more regularly, so good for him, even if the underlying idea, and most women, are stupid.

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