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Vulcan burps on green scheme

'Green energy' project gives Swiss the shakes | International News | News | Telegraph

Swiss prosecutors are investigating a green energy project after it was revealed that it caused earthquakes.

The inquiry was launched after experts confirmed that the Deep Heat Mining project to exploit geothermal energy near the north-west border city of Basel had caused tremors measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale....

With strong opposition to nuclear power, the Deep Heat Mining project was widely embraced in Switzerland as an environmentally-friendly and risk-free renewable source of energy. It is partially financed by the Swiss government and is meant to provide electricity for 10,000 homes and heat for over 2,700. It has so far cost about \u20AC40 (sic) million. Public enthusiasm for the project has dropped since the tremors.

Oh well at least when their houses fall down they will be happy as it was nice cuddly safe green energy that caused it...


A 3.3 mag earthquake is hovering on the borderline of perceptibility. You need to get up around 5.0 (i.e. about 50 time greater magnitude) for serious risk of damage.

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