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Taxing Views

Tax on 'peace and quiet' revealed | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Living near a bus stop or corner shop and even enjoying "peace and quiet" will lead to a hike in council tax for householders, under Government plans.

The tax on "nice neighbourhoods" is being planned as part of the council tax revaluation, with proposals expected within weeks....

The plan follows revelations in this newspaper that people who live in areas with good schools, clean streets and low crime rates face big increases in their council tax bills.

Inspectors were instructed to take photographs of the homes, logging the "convenience to local services, such as shops, bus routes, local communities".

Home improvements and double glazing were taxed, with kitchen units, bathroom suites and central heating driving up bills.

My double glazing needs major work as the seals have reached the end of their life, the kitchen units are fit only for firewood, the bathroom suite has more mould than a Stilton Cheese and the central heating boiler is a troublesome old geezer - do I get refund? Does the council tax element for these improvements get written down each year as they decrease in value? Thought not. Any way I will apply for a discount as there is no peace and quiet here, not with that nutter trying out his new gun at all hours...


Can I borrow one of your guns Tim? It may be needed when the "Inspector" comes to call...

So how does the "new" gun shoot, you rancid bastard?

(Yes, I'm still consumed with jealousy.)

So let me get this straight:

If one lives in an area where the council spends your money wisely on things like cleaning the streets, collecting the rubbish and cutting the grass - one pays more.

If one chooses to make one's home habitable - one pays more.

What incentive is there for anyone to do anything? This simply strikes me as a recipe for turning the country into even more of a shithole than NuLabour have managed already.

What in God's name do these people think they are doing? I hope for their sake it's because they are insane; the alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

When will the taxation come about
for how many floors in each domicile,
how many windows, interior doors,and the old favourite, gables.
How much do they tax if you demolish and not
Do they tax if you live in a trailer
or a tent?
When will the taxation begin for breathing air that might just be a bit cleaner
because you are not near an industrial area.
And to be a bit more personal,
on how many water closets do you have and how many times a day you flush.
It seems to me there needs to be a governmental
purge, or what is known in America, a revolution.
You brits are being taxed right out of your drawers.

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