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The Road Pricing West Lothian Question

In-car black box for road pricing could cost every driver £600 | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Motorists face a potential bill of more than £600 to fit a black box needed to make a full pay-as-you-drive road pricing system work, Whitehall documents have revealed.

A blueprint drawn up by the Department for Transport showed it could cost £62 billion to set up and £8.6 billion a year to run...

Wonko points out.

Douglas Alexander was elected in the constituency of Paisley & Renfrewshire South, Scotland. Transport is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so he has no say over transport policy in his own constituency.

Because transport is devolved, road pricing only applies to England and law compelling motorists to fit their cars with a spy box to track their every move will only apply to England. Not only will road pricing not happen in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland but the people who live there won't have to pay to use English roads!

Douglas Alexander can't lose. He is the architect of the most unpopular transport policy ever to come out of the Department for Transport yet his own constituents - the people who decide whether or not he keeps his job every 5 years - are completely unaffected by it.


Rather like Ken Livingstone extending his "consultation" on the K&C charging zone to the whole of London when those in the zone itself rejected the proposals overwhelmingly.

Sounds very reasonable to me. I shall be moving back to Scotland to take advantage of this very reasonable scheme. Perhaps you could just rent a PO Box in Gretna and drive around for free.

So who is going to pay for "Gallileo", if it ever works. This is all a reult of an EU directive,
2004/52, I think on the standard application of road pricing in Europe. If so then Scotland and N. Ireland will be involved willy nilly. It is a EU scam to pay for the satallite system. Incidently you will not find that fact mentioned on the EUBBC, I have just seen part of a discussion on the "Daily Politics", pass the sick bag.

Scotland will indeed be affected, indeed a recent pronouncement from the Executive was that we must press ahead with it and better the glacial progress of Westminster.

Anyone wishing to campaign against the westlothian question can petition No10 here


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