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Guns in the neighbourhood.

Gun crime spreading from cities to shires

Gun crime is being exported from the inner cities to the shires, the senior officer in charge of the national firearms policing strategy has told The Times....

A man in his twenties was admitted to hospital yesterday with a leg wound after a shooting on Harrow Road in the west of the capital. It followed the fatal shooting on Saturday of a 28-year-old man in Homerton, East London. Three others were wounded in shootings in Manchester.

The latest attacks came after a spate of shootings in South London in less than a fortnight, including the murders of three teenage boys.

But as the death toll mounted in the capital, Mr Bristow gave warning that the gun problem was moving to the shires. ....

Suffolk police are investigating the murder of a 24-year-old man in a nightclub shoot-out in December. No one has been arrested but detectives believe that the killer is linked to a South London gang.

In Reading, where London gangs dominate the drug trade, a man was seriously wounded in another nightclub shooting in December, and last week gunmen with London accents carried out a number of robberies in Cardiff.

Oh so not quite "out in the shires", in the bucolic rolling acres with smiling yokels, as you might imagine from the headline then.

"The typical pattern is that a crack dealer establishes a trade in an area but, when that becomes saturated, it generates competition and violence between drug dealers and more robust policing. These factors force some of the dealers to go elsewhere in search of new markets. They bring their guns with them.” He cautioned against the view that firearms were only a problem for the black community. “It is much more about where you went to school and whom you hang out with than about ethnicity.”

So let us be honest and use the term the good copper daren't - this is a specifc crime problem of a black sub-culture - to which some non-blacks also belong. The coded reference the politicians use is "rap music". Other crimes come from other sub-cultures but the blanket worry of racist policing prevents action on this particular crime, and pretending that the crime, rather than the criminals, are coming to the countryside is misleading and unhelpful.


Just legalise drugs. The 20th century's experiments in prohibition have been a failure.

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